2015 Defense Wide Day
Wednesday, May 27
0930 Welcome & Administrative Remarks Tom McClutchy,
Associate Director for Defense-Wide Programs, OUSD (Comptroller)
0935 Remarks The Honorable Michael McCord,
Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller/Chief Financial Officer)
1005 The Budget Way Ahead – Potential Futures John Roth,
Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Program and Budget), OUSD (Comptroller)
1030 The Fourth Estate Financial Audit
Mark Easton,
Deputy Chief Financial Officer OUSD (Comptroller)
1100 DoD FM Certification Program Glenda Scheiner, Director,
Human Capital and Resource Management OUSD (Comptroller)
1130 Lunch Tom McClutchy
1345 Welcome Back Mary Kemp
1350 Solving The Intra-Governmental Eliminations Material Weakness Financial Systems Specialist OUSD (Comptroller)/ Mike Bolin, Dept. of Treasury
1420 Comptroller Jeopardy Defense-Wide Team
1450 Roundtable 1
1520 Roundtable 2
1550 Roundtable 3
1620 Closeout Tom McClutchy

Round Table Discussions

Come talk to an expert!
We have a great group of experts from across the Department, ready to talk!

The most knowledgeable people in the Department of Defense will lead you through a discussion of some of the hottest, most timely issues. They will talk with you, answer your questions, and, just maybe, solve the mysteries you have wondered about, but didn’t know who to ask. (Some of our topics are similar to the full-blown workshops offered during the PDI – But in the Round Table Discussions, you will talk directly to the expert in a small group of 10. These are not repeats of the seminars.) We offer each topic three times and you select which Round Table to attend.

1 An Evolving Fourth Estate Financial Management   Environment Mark Easton, OUSD(C)
2 Property Working Groups Alaleh Jenkins, OUSD(C)
3 FM Certification SupportTools Tracy Gifford, OUSD(C)
4 FM Workforce Development Pamela Clay, OUSD(C)
5 Congressional Reports to the SBR Audit Stefanie Pryor , OUSD(C)
6 The Data Act Sulema Gaughran, OUSD(C)
7 The 114th Congress and the DoD Budget COL Randy Toris, OUSD(C)
8 Emergency Extraordinary Expense (EEE)/Organization Representation Funds (ORF) Bradley Drapeaux, OUSD(C)
9 DoD FM CertificationProgram Q&A Kellie O’Mara-Gordon, OUSD(C)
10 Good Study Practices Donna Major, HQ DODEA
11 Handling Staffer Q&As Mark Enoch, OUSD(C)
12 Mentoring The Next Generation Burnette Johnson, WHS FMD
13 Working Capital FundCash 101 Cynthia Jones, OUSD(C)
14 Accounting & Finance Policy and the Impact on Audit Readiness Donjette Gilmore, OUSD(C)
15 How We Achieve Audit Sustainability and Lower Costs through FM Systems Drew Morgan, OUSD(C)
16 Military Personnel 101 Bob Gay, OUSD(C)
17 Apportionments Link toSF 133 Emily Ting, OUSD(C)
18 Integration of MICP and FIAR Steve Silverstein, OUSD(C)
19 Fourth Estate Audit Liaison and Infrastructure Mobola Kadiri, OUSD(C)
20 IPP & FBWT Target Environment Mary Kemp, OUSD(C)
21 Fiscal Hawks vs. Defense Hawks – Who Should Win? John Roth, OUSD(C)
22 Audit Support – Aligningthe Players and Tools for Success Bob Munn, WHS FMD
23 So, you want to be an SES Gretchen Anderson, OUSD(C)
24 Civilian Payroll Ruthy Brown, WHS FMD
25 Program Evaluation Dr. Bill Berry, WHS FMD
26 The Importance of Teamwork Thomas Bates, WHS FMD
27 Exhibit AutomationSystem (EAS) Peter Lackey, CACI
28 Special Operations Resourcing Fran Machina, USSOCOM
29 O&M Budget Justification Best Practices Galen Heflin, OUSD(C)
30 Demystifying The Working Capital Fund Simone Reba, DLA
31 Key Elements To Increase Career Success Corey Beckett, DSS
32 How To Work With OMB Ricardo Aguilera, NDU
33 DoD Enterprise Resource Planning w/ SAP LTC Steven Hanson, USAFMS
34 Political Appointments: How Does That Happen Sandra Richardson, OUSDC
35 TBD Natalie Webb, DRMI
36 TBD Thomas McClutchy, OUSD(C)