Air Force Service Day Agenda
Wednesday, May 27
0930-0935 5 min Welcome Chief John Writer
0935-1005 30 min Presentation of Air Force Financial Management and Comptroller Annual Awards The Honorable Lisa Disbrow, SAF/FM
1005-1045 40 min Key Note Speaker The Honorable Lisa Disbrow, SAF/FM
1045-1100 15 min Presentation of Air Force Audit Agency Annual Awards Mr. Daniel McMillin, SAF/AG
1100-1115 15 min Audit Agency Update Mr. Daniel McMillin, SAF/AG
1115-1130 15 min FM Update Mr. Douglas Bennett, SAF/FM
1130-1145 Break—Move to Lunch
1145-1330 Lunch
1330-1345 Break—Move to AF Workshops

Breakout Sessions

AF 01 DoD FM Certification: The Three-Step Process

Ms. Shar Kaina (SAF/FME)
Mr. Wally Lee (SAF/FME)
Mr. Jesse Stirling (SAF/FME)

This workshop will walk users through the Three-Step Process used to document and achieve your FM Certification in the FM Learning Management System (LMS).  It will provide a live-demonstration of the tool and allow for Q&A.

AF 02 Budget Outlook
Maj Gen James Martin (SAF/FMB)
Ms. Pam Schwenke (SAF/FMBI)
Col Jim Peccia (SAF/FMBO)

This workshop will focus on the impacts of the new fiscal environment, characterized by more constrained resources. It will highlight some of the challenges currently facing the Air Force budget as we attempt to balance capability, readiness and capacity to support the fight tonight and a high-end fight in 2023.

AF 03 PPBE 101
Brig Gen Ed Fienga (SAF/FMP)

This workshop will provide an introduction to the PPBE process with particular focus on the roles of different organizations within the new FM Structure. Learn how the Air Force leverages the skillsets of a diverse enterprise for a better-informed POM and a more-executable Budget.

AF 04 DoD Cost Community Initiatives
Ms. Kathy Watern (SAF/FMC)
Dr. Richard Burke (OSD/CAPE)

This workshop will walk users through the Three-Step Process used to document and achieve your FM Certification in the FM Learning Management System (LMS). It will provide a live-demonstration of the tool and allow for Q&A.

AF 05 Back to Basics – Focus on Accounting and Financial Services Office (FSO) Duties
Mr. Eric Cuebas (SAF/FMFC)
Ms. Dawn Coulter (DFAS)

This workshop will discuss key processes and metrics Accounting and FSO personnel should be employing in order to make improvements in customer service and support audit readiness.

AF 06 myFM Career: Planning for Success!
Ms. Shar Kaina (SAF/FME)
Ms. Johanna Ogden (SAF/FME)
Mr. Mike Cerda (AFPC/DPIBI)

myFM Career is a new tool for developing your Individual Development Plan. This tool drives career planning conversations by allowing you to document and track your goals and education and training requirements, then provides training requirements to your supervisors to help allocate training funds appropriately.

AF 07 Comptroller Officer Development
Maj Gen James Martin (SAF/FMB)
Brig Gen John Pletcher (AFMC/FM)

This workshop will provide pertinent information updates regarding FM career field for both company and field grade officers – particularly as it relates to professional development, assignments and command opportunities.

AF 08 DEAMS Customer Panel Discussion
Mr. Ben Shaw (DFAS)
Ms. Shirley Reed (SAF/FMFS)
Lt Col Tracy Watkins (AMC/FMAO)
Lt Col Matthew Waggoner (SAF/FMFSA)
Mr. James Lawson (SAF/FMFSA)

DEAMS is moving us closer to an auditable environment, and is changing the way we operate. The “front-end” edits in DEAMS help prevent many of the Accounting issues we experienced in the Legacy environment. In a nutshell, DEAMS changes the way we operate at the base. This panel will focus on those changes, what we’re learning as we roll-out, and how we’re overcoming the challenges.

AF 09 AFIMSC Update and LifeRAFT Demonstration
Ms. Carolyn Gleason (AFIMSC Acting Exec Director)
Col Steve Minkin (SAF/FMBOI)

The newly created Air Force Installation and Mission Support Center (AFIMSC) is the single intermediate-level headquarters (MAJCOM-equivalent staff) providing installation and mission support services to ten MAJCOMs, 6 PSU’s and 77 installations around the world. This workshop will provide a status update on AFIMSC efforts and provide a short demonstration of LifeRAFT, a Microsoft Access based tool providing users the ability to link programming to execution to ensure resources are applied towards the right bill at the right time.

AF 10 FIAR: Bringing the Air Force into Compliance
Mr. Stephen Herrera (SAF/FMFA)
Ms. Valerie Muck (AFAA/QL)
Mr. Fred Carr (SAF/FMFA)
Ms. Lori Stacey (SAF/FMFA)

During this workshop, panel members will provide an update of the Schedule of Budgetary Activity (SBA) audit. They will describe the phases of the audit, discuss the importance of effective system and process controls, and explain how the Independent Public Accountant will combine professional knowledge and analytical rigor to arrive at an audit opinion. The panel will also discuss efforts associated with meeting the September 30, 2017 goal of full financial statement audit readiness.

AF 11 Enlisted Matters
Brig Gen Edward Fienga (SAF/FMP)
CMSgt John Writer (SAF/FM)

Brig Gen Edward Fienga will begin this session with a brief on his recent experience as the Chief Master Sergeant Promotion Board President. This workshop will then provide pertinent updates regarding the FM career field for enlisted matters – particularly as it relates to training, professional development, manning, and future career field changes.

AF 12 FM Officer Development, Assignments & Deployment
Maj Thomas Cook (AFPC/DPALA)
Capt Tyler Hess (AFPC/DPALA)

A comprehensive review of Financial Management Officer Development and the Officer Assignment System. This briefing will also provide the latest information on manning expectations.

AF13 Civilian Force Development
Mr. Douglas Bennett (SAF/PDAS)
Ms. Shar Kaina (SAF/FME)
Mr. Mike Cerda (AFPC/DPIBI)
Mr. Mike Petersen (AFAA)

This workshop will provide pertinent updates regarding the FM & Audit career fields – particularly as it relates to professional development and on-going force development initiatives.