It has come to our attention that a housing company is improperly representing themselves as our ASMC “housing vendor” and is contacting exhibitors to solicit business. Specifically, they will offer to make hotel reservations within the PDI 2015 block on your behalf, or even offer you a discount from the PDI rate. If you provide your credit card information to any of these unauthorized vendors, your card may be charged but you may not have a reservation when you arrive in New Orleans. This is a scam. They tend to target exhibitors because they usually can find a past exhibitor list on association websites.

ASMC has only authorized Registration Headquarters to handle the housing for the PDI, and you must register first before making housing reservations. Once you register, a housing link is provided to you. If you have any questions, you may email them to

Much appreciation to Kearney & Company for advising us that they had been contacted by a potential “housing pirate” (going by moniker “Convention Services”) trying to get them to book hotel rooms through them.

Please click here to view some additional information explaining what these housing pirates do.